Equipment Permit Information

Legislative requirements

As a consequence of changes detailed in the General Fire Regulations 2010 , owners and occupiers of buildings where fire protection equipment is required by regulation must have the equipment tested, maintained and repaired by the holder of a permit issued by the Chief Officer of the Tasmania Fire Service. The Fire Service Act 1979 makes it an offence for any person to install, maintain or repair fire protection equipment without such a permit.

The General Fire Regulations define fire protection equipment as fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, fire hydrants, hydrant valves, fire blankets and fire protection systems. Fire protection systems are also defined and include fire and smoke detection and alarm systems, automatic fire sprinkler systems, fire extinguishing systems, smoke management systems and emergency warning and inter-communication systems. These systems are subject to different permit arrangements and do not form part of this process.

Any person installing, maintaining and repairing fire protection equipment is required to have a permit, and owners and occupiers must only use permit holders to test, maintain and repair this equipment.


The General Fire Regulations provide some exemptions from the requirement to have a permit. For example, a licenced plumber does not need a permit to install fire hydrants and hose reels, and householders do not need a permit to install smoke alarms, fire blankets and fire extinguishers, nor to maintain smoke alarms (refer to the attached competency schedule, Fire Service Act 1979 and the General Fire Regulations 2010 for specific details). However, to ensure other items of fire protection equipment are installed and serviced by competent people in accordance with accepted national standards, permits are required.

It is intended to also exempt by regulation, trainees who are undergoing an authorised training course for the purpose of gaining a permit. However, individuals in this category are limited to working only under the direct supervision of a permit holder authorised to conduct that work.


So that individuals who install, maintain and repair fire protection equipment are not acting outside the law, they are encouraged to apply for a permit. Permit application forms are available for download here in PDF format or by telephoning Community Fire Safety Team Leader on 6230 8485 (applications must be submitted in hard copy only).

A permit will be issued if the Chief Officer is satisfied the applicant is competent to install, maintain or repair fire protection equipment. New permit arrangements for the installation, maintenance and repair of fire protection equipment has been introduced from 1 July 2003 and only those who can demonstrate competence against relevant units of the Asset Maintenance (Fire Protection Equipment) Training Package will be eligible for a permit.

Where a permit is issued, it will detail the units of competence the Chief Officer has accepted. The permit holder will be limited to installing, maintaining or repairing only the fire protection equipment covered by these units. A permit holder may apply, free of charge, at any time to extend the permit scope to include other competencies as they are gained. Permits will be valid for up to 3 years from the date of issue.

A person installing, maintaining or repairing any fire protection equipment outside the permit scope or conditions may have the permit cancelled.

Included in this page is the list of Fire Protection Equipment Competencies against which competence is assessed. There are 2 compulsory competencies and applicants will require these 2 along with at least 1 other before a permit will be issued. A Statement of Attainment must be provided for each competency before the Chief Officer will issue a permit.

More information

For further information about the permit system or on becoming a permit holder, please contact the Tasmania Fire Service by telephone on 6230 8600 or on email at

The full details of the PRM04 Training Package – Fire Protection Equipment can be found here