Fuel Reduction Program

Fuel Reduction Program

Every summer, bushfires threaten homes and businesses throughout Tasmania. In January 2013, a series of devastating bushfires impacted several rural communities, with significant loss of property, livelihood and our natural environment.

The Tasmanian Bushfire Inquiry that followed recommended the Tasmanian Government establish a coordinated program of fuel reduction burns across the entire State, to target areas that pose the greatest risk of future catastrophic fires.

Bushfires respect no boundaries. So the TFS works with the Parks and Wildlife Service, Sustainable Timber Tasmania, local government and private land owners to implement the Fuel Reduction Program on both public and private land. Private land owners must still take responsibility for their own property, but the TFS will work with them.

The Fuel Reduction Program will not prevent bushfires, but it can make them easier and safer to fight. This will reduce damage to homes, businesses and the environment. To achieve this, Tasmania must conduct more fuel reduction burns every year, in a strategic and coordinated manner that focuses the TFS resources where they are needed the most.

You can learn more about the fuel reduction program here and stay up-to-date with the current burn schedule here.

The Fuel Reduction Program is managed by the Bushfire Risk Unit of the TFS.

You can contact the Fuel Reduction Unit during business hours on 1800 000 699