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Independent Reviews into Bushfires in Tasmania
Tasmania's fire agencies have worked in partnership to consider and complete recommendations from three independent reviews of two major bushfire seasons in Tasmania - in 2016 and 2019.
Each review provided invaluable learnings and recommendations that have helped the three fire agencies (TFS, Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service and Sustainable Timber Tasmania) enhance and improve on cooperative working partnerships and response a preparedness capability.
The progress of the review recommendations is available for download.
AFAC Operational Review into the Tasmanian Bushfires 2018-19
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Using Fire Outdoor
Forest Operations Guideline
Hot Work Guideline
Outdoor Oven Guideline
Using Fire Outdoors

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Home Fire Safety
Home Fire Safety 

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Bushfire Safety

TFS Bushfire Safety Guide  - An essential guide to preparing yourself and property.

Bushfire Safety Posters
Bushfire Prepare to Survive DVD - An essential guide to preparing yourself and property.
Farming Communities and the TFS (PDF 1.7MB) - Farming communities and TFS working together to reduce bushfire risk.
Reducing Harvester Fire Risk (PDF 3.9MB) - A Back Pocket Guide from the Grains Research and Development Corporation.
Fire Resisting Garden Plants (PDF 1.3MB) - Reduce the fire hazard in your garden.
Advice to householders when a bushfire threatens (PDF 48KB).
Guide to Community Protection Plans (PDF 1MB). - Bushfire plans for your community.
Community Protection Plans - Bushfire survival advice specifically for you.
Bushfire-Ready Schools - Bushfire-Ready Schools explained.
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Building Safety
Guide to the selection and location of portable fire extinguishers and fire blankets (PDF 931KB)
Fire Evacuation Plan Guidelines (PDF 247KB)
Fire Safety Guidelines for Temporary Structures (PDF 392KB)
Emergency action guide sample 1 (MS Word 32KB)
Emergency action guide sample 2 (MS Word 38KB)
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Vegetation Management
Managing fuel for safer communities (PDF 780KB) - TFS Fuel Reduction Unit - fighting fire with fire.
Planned Burning Manual for Private Land (PDF 2.1MB)
Planned Burning in Tasmania (PDF 2MB)
Planned Burning for Farmers and Landholders (PDF 1MB) - endorsed by the State Fire Management Council.
Machinery Operations Guidelines (PDF 1MB)
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Other Publications

Future Focus 2021-2023 (PPT 834KB)

Building for Bushfires (PDF 3.4MB)
State Bushfire Safety Policy (PDF 360KB) - endorsed by the State Emergency Management Committee.
State Fire Protection Plan (PDF 1390KB) - approved by the State Fire Commission on 26 Aug 2022.
DPFEM Disability Inclusion Plan (PDF 665KB).
Use of water additives in controlling bushfires (PDF 665KB).
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