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What is it?

A bushfire plan for community members that provides local, community-specific information to assist with bushfire preparation and survival. The focus of the Bushfire Protection Plan is on bushfire safety options, such as Nearby Safer Places, Evacuation Routes and Emergency Information.


The intent of the protection plan is to assist communities with identifying safety options when bushfire threatens, and to support the development of personal Bushfire Survival Plans.

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What is it?

An Emergency Management Plan for emergency managers and responders. The Bushfire Response Plan aims to better protect communities and their assets during bushfire emergencies, through the identification of protection priorities and critical operational information


The purpose of the response plan is to better equip emergency managers and responders, so that the community and its assets are better protected, particularly when bushfires are burning out of control. These plans bring together corporate and local knowledge, thereby making firefighting resources safer and much more effective.

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What is it?

A strategic plan that focuses on addressing bushfire hazards, and improving the survivability of communities and assets. The Bushfire Mitigation Plan identifies key areas for fuel management, and provides tactical guidance regarding prescribed burning, fuel treatment, fire management infrastructure, and asset protection work.


The purpose of a Mitigation Plan is to provide a tenure-blind, comprehensive bushfire hazard management strategy for high-risk communities and critical assets/infrastructure.

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Tasmania Fire Service may identify Nearby Safer Places in Community Protection Plans.

If you live in or near the bush, you need to make a bushfire survival plan. Your plan needs to include places you can shelter at, in case you cannot carry out your preferred plan. Nearby Safer Places are places you can shelter at during bushfires.

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Evacuation Centres are buildings that have been identified by the TFS in partnership with councils and other government agencies that offer basic amenities including temporary shelter, drinking water and toilet facilities. They are for people who leave bushfire affected areas and do not go somewhere else of their own choosing eg. to homes of friends or family etc.

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