A significant part of TasFire Equipment's business is the sale of new fire protection equipment. TasFire Equipment rigorously tests all equipment we sell to ensure we provide quality equipment that represents best value for money. Less expensive equipment is available on the market but we are committed to providing quality equipment at competitive prices.

TasFire Equipment offers a huge range of fire protection equipment and associated spare parts. Products offered include:

•  Fire extinguishers - a large range for every application
•  Smoke alarms - 9 volt and 240 volt
•  Fire blankets
•  Fire hose
•  Fire hose reels and accessories
•  Equipment cover bags, cabinets and brackets
•  Fire hydrants and standpipes
•  Exit lights
•  Bushfire products including Knapsacks, Rake-hoes and Drip Torches
•  Assorted signs and stickers