Fire Equipment in Buildings

The Building Regulations 2016 and the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 requires that an appropriate number of portable fire extinguishers be provided and maintained in the workplace. Penalties apply for non-compliance with the regulations.

Once installed portable fire protection equipment must be regularly maintained. Regulation 6 of the General Fire Regulations 2021 requires installed fire protection equipment be maintained so that the equipment performs to the standard to which it was originally designed. Based on Australian Standards, most portable fire protection equipment is required to be serviced every six months.

Only a person holding a permit issued in accordance with the General Fire Regulations 2021 is able to maintain portable fire protection equipment. A permit is issued by the Chief Officer of the Tasmania Fire Service to applicants who demonstrate they are competent in elements of the nationally-accredited Fire Protection Inspection and Testing Training Package.

If you are unsure whether you have appropriate fire protection equipment or would like your existing equipment serviced, please call your nearest TFE branch to arrange a time for one of our trained staff to inspect your workplace. Arrangements can be made for the following to be installed and/or maintained:

• Fire extinguishers
• Fire hose reels
• Fire hydrants
• Fire blankets
• Smoke alarms
• Bushfire-fighting equipment

If your extinguisher has been discharged, either call your nearest TFE service centre or drop the unit in to one of our three workshops in Hobart, Devonport or Launceston.