Hydrant Test Result Sheets

Hydrant Test Result Sheets

The installation of new fire hydrants are inspected and reported on to the Building Surveyor by the Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) as required by the Building Act 2016. Part of this reporting requires the TFS to provide comment on the suitability of the water flows and pressure. When a new hydrant is commissioned (as required by Section 10 of Australian Standard 2419.1) testing to ensure the required flows and pressures is to be undertaken. The TFS have developed a hydrant test sheet to assist plumbers in capturing this required information, which also allows the TFS to receive these results in a consistent format. Flow and Pressure results will be requested in this format as part of the building approval process.

These Hydrant Test Result Sheets are provided for both attack and feed hydrants.

Hydrant Test Result Sheet Downloads

Guildeline to Completing Tasmania Fire Service Hydrant Test Result Sheets