Owners and Occupiers

Owners and occupiers of buildings have a number of fire safety obligations imposed on them by the Fire Service Act 1979 and the General Fire Regulations 2021 . These obligations are primarily aimed at providing for the safety of building occupants and fire-fighters in the event of a fire occurring in a building, and to minimise the spread of fire.

How can I get more information?

Further information for owners, occupiers and users of many types of buildings in Tasmania about these obligations can be obtained from the Building Safety Unit of the Tasmania Fire Service


PO Box 308
03 6166 5615


339 Hobart Road
03 6777 3666


15 Three Mile Line Road
03 6477 7250

Building Safety Guidelines for building owners and occupiers and the building industry
Building safety guidelines are provided to building owners, occupiers, building surveyors, developers and designers to provide advice and guidance on fire safety aspects in the built environment. These guidelines are written to provide information in addition to the National Construction Code and Australian Standards and other legislation, codes and practices.

In making decisions and determinations that relate to fire safety in the built environment, the Building Safety Unit will use the guideline internally to provide consistency in decision making. If you have any questions relating to any of the published guidelines, please contact the Building Safety Unit on 6166 5544 or

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