Training Courses

The Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) is a Registered Training Organisation registered by the Australian Skills Quality Authority in compliance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015.

The TFS provides nationally recognised industry standard training and development to volunteer and career firefighters, corporate staff and commercial clients. Qualifications are issued by the TFS under the Australian Qualifications Framework. Registration details can be viewed on the National Register of VET web site,

Training offered by TFS to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of preparation, prevention and response to emergencies can be obtained through the following:

  • Commercial Training – TasFire Training
  • Career Firefighter Training – Operational Training
  • Volunteer Firefighter Training – Operational Training
  • Corporate Training – Organisational Learning

The Tasmania Fire Service has three live fire regional training centres, in Cambridge (South), Youngtown (North) and Burnie (North West).

Qualified Training Officers are based at all three centres throughout the state. Training can also be provided at designated volunteer stations throughout the state by utilising portable live fire structures. These structures have been converted from shipping containers into mobile breathing apparatus and practical firefighting facilities.

TasFire Training – Commercial Training
TasFire Training is one of the largest and most respected fire training providers in Australia, delivering a suite of nationally-accredited and TFS accredited training programs to government and the private sector. Tailored course design, delivery and assessment are all features of TasFire Training programs.

The training is designed to provide individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to respond safely and effectively in the event of an emergency in the workplace. Specialised training is provided in all aspects of fire prevention, fire safety and emergency response in a range of environments through an effective program of theoretical and audio visual tuition and practical instruction. TasFire Training also provides courses designed to develop skills in specialised working conditions. TasFire Training provides "Life-saving knowledge and skills".

Career Firefighter Training – Operational Training
Tasmania Fire Service career firefighters receive nationally recognised industry standard training for firefighters from the Public Safety Training Package. Training programs undergo regular review and consultation through the Career Operational Training Reference Group.

The career path for TFS firefighters starts with a fifteen week Trainee Firefighter Development Program encompassing training in urban, industrial and rural fire suppression, hazardous materials, driving, first aid, workplace communications and the role of the firefighter in the TFS.

Firefighters in the TFS progress through a designated operational pathway including identified units from the Public Safety Training Package to become qualified Senior Firefighters. Learning and development for firefighters is conducted mostly on station with some centralised courses or assessment blocks being offered. Training focuses on a holistic application of skills with a clear demonstration of competence in the workplace.

Learning, development and mentoring to prepare firefighters for officer progression is centred on personal development plans.

Volunteer Firefighter Training – Operational Training
Tasmania Fire Service volunteer firefighters are able to complete up to 25 training courses which may lead to the achievement of specific Public Safety Training Package units of competency. Training is specifically designed to reflect the contexts of career members and the differing needs of volunteers in brigades across urban interface, rural and remote areas of Tasmania.

Training for volunteer firefighters is based on the Volunteer Firefighter Learning Pathway which includes a set of identified skills required for firefighters to perform their job role. The pathway, developed in consultation with the Volunteer Operational Training Reference Group, contains identified units from the Public Safety Training Package and specifically designed TFS courses.

Training of volunteer firefighters, conducted at various locations throughout the state, is in the main conducted during evenings and on weekends with some week day courses available. Training and assessment is delivered by qualified Training Officers and Volunteer Training Instructors (VTI's) with the focus on demonstration of competence in the workplace. District staff also assist in providing structured training or information sessions.

Corporate Training – Organisational Learning
TFS delivers professional development and learning for all areas of the organisation in conjunction with other training providers. This includes other career paths for firefighters such as Community Fire Safety and Fire Investigation.

Qualifications for Fire Communications Officers are facilitated through Organisational Learning. Corporate Services and administration development and learning are facilitated through Organisational Learning.