Safety Equipment

Safety equipment

Safety equipment you should consider includes fire extinguishers, a fire blanket and a strong bucket.

  • Mounting:

    Secure extinguishers and fire blankets in a visible position close to, but not on top of, the areas they are designed to protect. For example, the extinguisher for the galley should not be mounted on a bulkhead too close to the stove; similarly with fuse boards and engine compartments. If a fire occurs the extinguisher may be unreachable.

  • Fire extinguishers:

    Extinguishers recommended for boats are of the dry chemical powder type, with a minimum rating of 10BE. Every month, check the pressure gauge for correct pressure, and turn the extinguisher upside down and shake it vigourously to loosen the powder. Have the extinguisher serviced every 6 months, or immediately after every use.

    Fire extinguishers are designed for small fires. Familiarise yourself with the use of fire extinguishers before any fire occurs. Read the instructions.

    If a fire occurs the extinguishers must be applied immediately. If you are delayed by looking for an extinguisher, reading the instructions or unwrapping it, the fire may grow too large for the extinguisher to extinguish.

  • Fire blankets:

    A fire blanket is ideal for stove-top fires and can be used to wrap around people if their clothes catch fire. A fire blanket measuring one metre by one metre will be adequate in most circumstances.