Evacuation Plans



The objective of an evacuation plan is to provide a set of procedures to be used by building occupants in the event of an emergency.

When is a plan required?
... if you are an occupier of a specified building, you are obligated under the General Fire Regulations 2021 to submit to the Chief Officer of the TFS, for approval, an Evacuation Plan (EP) for the evacuation of the building in the case of fire.

What is involved in preparing a plan?
... TFS has developed Fire Evacuation Plan Guidelines which have been designed to meet TFS approval requirements. Australian Standards AS 3745 (Planning for emergencies in facilities) and where applicable AS 4083 (Planning for emergencies - Health care facilities) are used as the benchmark documents. It should be noted however that approval by the Chief Officer is limited to evacuations in the case of fire only.

Where can I get more information?
... TFS is able to provide guidance on developing a plan and help you with the plan structure. Generic Emergency Action Guides have also been developed which can assist visitors to evacuate the building in the event that a fire occurs. Guide 1  Guide 2

Copies of Australian Standards are NOT available through the Tasmania Fire Service. Standards may be purchased via Intertek Inform ph 131242.