Building for Bushfire

Bushfire-Prone Areas

Requirements for bushfire protection apply to new use and development within a designated ‘bushfire-prone area’ 

A ‘bushfire-prone area’ for the purposes of Tasmanian planning and building legislation includes:

  1. Land that is within the boundary of a bushfire-prone area shown on an overlay on a planning scheme map; or

  2. Where there is no overlay on a planning scheme map, land that is within 100m of an area of bushfire-prone vegetation equal to or greater than 1 hectare.

Tasmania Fire Service (Bushfire Risk Unit) has worked with Local Government to prepare bushfire-prone areas overlays for each local council area. Overlays for the majority of local council areas have now been approved by the Tasmanian Planning Commission and subsequently incorporated into the respective planning schemes. 

For council areas that have a published overlay, you can view the overlay on the LISTmap website using the relevant planning scheme overlay layer. For interim planning schemes this is the 'Tasmanian Interim Planning Scheme Overlay' layer. For the Tasmanian Planning Scheme this is the 'Tasmanian Planning Scheme - Code Overlay' layer.
The Risk Ready website provides another way of viewing the bushfire-prone areas overlay and other natural hazard risk information. The Risk Ready website identifies:

  • Bushfire-Prone Areas – areas within which new use and development must be appropriately designed, located, serviced, and constructed to reduce the risk to life and property (this is the published overlay that forms part of the relevant planning scheme); and
  • Bushfire Impact Areas – areas that may be impacted by smoke and embers but are not subject to planning or building requirements. 

Tasmania Fire Service is working with Local Government to implement the remaining draft overlays within each Council’s planning scheme. When published, these overlays will appear on the Risk Ready and LIST websites. 

If unsure whether your property is within a bushfire-prone area please contact either your local council or the Tasmania Fire Service (Bushfire Risk Unit) to confirm.