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Become a Bushfire Hazard Practitioner

How to Become a Bushfire Hazard Practitioner

The Chief Officer's Scheme for Accreditation of Bushfire Hazard Practitioners aims to ensure that the community has access to practitioners with the appropriate training and skills to help people safely develop and live in bushfire-prone-areas. The Accreditation Scheme explains the requirements for people to become accredited as Bushfire Hazard Practitioners in detail. In summary:

    • A person seeking accreditation will firstly need to successfully complete an approved course or otherwise provide evidence to show they have equivalent knowledge of bushfire hazard analysis and the procedures and controls for development in the Tasmanian context;

    • Bushfire Hazard Practitioners are initially provisionally accredited and will participate in the Mentoring Program until competency is demonstrated (this is usually achieved within 12 months); 

    • An Accredited Bushfire Hazard Practitioner is required to hold minimum professional indemnity insurance coverage of $1 million and minimum public liability insurance cover of $5 million.

The list of approved courses changes from time to time. The following courses are also approved in addition to those listed in the Accreditation Scheme:

  • Planning for Bushfire-Prone Areas (University of Technology, Sydney); and
  • Graduate Certificate in Bushfire Planning and Management (Bushfire Planning Stream) (University of Melbourne).

Please note that there are no training courses scheduled for delivery in Tasmania at this time. 

The Accreditation Scheme is administered by the Accreditation Officer who can be contacted at

Bushfire Practitioner