False Alarm Reduction Project: Consultation Paper

Tasmania Fire Service is the operational arm of the State Fire Commission and has principal responsibility for responding to fire and other emergencies. Tasmania Fire Service also monitors fire alarms in approximately 2,000 premises state-wide. The majority of responses to alarmed premises, however, are due to false activation or malfunction – a
reason other than fire.

Subsequently, Tasmania Fire Service has initiated the False Alarm Reduction Project to take a holistic approach to defining the issues and to identify solutions to work with premises owners to reduce false alarms. An outcome of the project is to develop a False Alarm Reduction in line with the national initiative to reduce instances of false alarms within the built environment.

The national initiative seeks to make improvements in the following four key areas:

1) Increasing public safety.

2) Improving operational response.

3) Reducing costs.

4) Streamlining cross-departmental business functions relating to Automatic Fire Alarms.

A goal of the False Alarm Reduction Project is to achieve a collaborative and coordinated approach to the reduction of false alarms, in recognition of the shared responsibility for this issue across premises owners, the building industry, fire protection industry, and Tasmania Fire Service.

Your Input and Feedback is Requested

The Tasmania Fire Service is seeking your input on the False Alarm Reduction Project – Consultation Paper.

Please download the consultation paper here: consultation paper.

This consultation paper introduces a range of issues identified through a process of consultation within Tasmania Fire Service and presents possible solutions to these. These issues are presented across five key areas:

  1. Policy and Procedures
  2. Training of Frontline Staff
  3. Education
  4. The Setting of Fees and Charges
  5. Business Systems and Practices

Feedback may be provided by either:

  1. Download the Feedback Form, complete the fields required, save the document and email it back to: TFSFARS@fire.tas.gov.au
  2. Complete the feedback online

Consultation is open from Friday September 1, and closes 11:59PM Friday November 3, 2023.