State Fire Commission

Established under the Fire Service Act 1979, the State Fire Commission is the peak governing and policy group for Tasmania Fire Service.

Some of the functions and powers of the Commission include:

  • formulation of policy in the administration and operations of the Fire Service
  • development and communication of a state fire protection plan
  • to coordinate and direct the development of all fire services throughout the state
  • conduct investigations into fires, and prepare reports and recommendations to the Minister
  • development of effective fire prevention and protection measures throughout the state
  • the provision and standardisation of fire brigade equipment throughout the state
  • the establishment and maintenance training facilities for brigades
  • to advise the Minister on any issues as appropriate

The members of the Commission are appointed by the Governor and comprise:

  • an Independent Chair
  • the Chief Officer of the Tasmania Fire Service
  • a person nominated by the United Firefighters Union (Tasmanian Branch)
  • a person nominated by the Tasmanian Retained Volunteer Firefighters Association
  • a person nominated by the Tasmanian Volunteer Fire Brigades Association
  • a person nominated by the Department responsible for the Financial Management Act 2016
  • two people nominated by the Local Government Association of Tasmania