Routine Information Disclosures

Routine Information Disclosures

Category of Information

Release of Information

1. Organisational structure and functions  TFS Organisational Chart
2. Departmental governance policies Tasmania Fire Service Release of Personal Information Policy
3. Major policy and program initiatives and reviews
Community Education Unit

School Education Program
Fire Safety in the Home
Bushfire – Prepare Act Survive
Juvenile Fire Lighter Intervention Program
Project WakeUp!
Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods Program
Bushfire Planning and Policy Unit
Bushfire Ready Schools
Community Bushfire Planning
Building for Bushfire
Building Safety Unit
In the Workplace
TasFire Equipment
TasFire Equipment
TasFire Training
TasFire Training
Bushfire & Natural Hazards CRC
4. Employment and workplace statistics State Service Workforce Report
Annual Reports
5. Senior Executive Service details State Service Workforce Report
6. Gifts and hospitality received policy and register DPFEM Gifts and Benefits Policy
DPFEM Gifts and Benefits Register 2017-18 Quarter 4
DPFEM Gifts and Benefits Register 2018-19 Quarter 1
DPFEM Gifts and Benefits Register 2018-19 Quarter 2
DPFEM Gifts and Benefits Register 2018-19 Quarter 3
7. Contracts and consultancies awarded greater than $50,000 Contracts and Consultancies – Tasmanian Government Tenders: