Total Fire Ban

The Tasmania Fire Service can declare a Total Fire Ban on days when the danger of fire is extremely high and when fires would be expected to develop rapidly and be extremely difficult to control. Usually a Total Fire Ban lasts for 24 hours. Days of Total Fire Bans are advertised in daily newspapers, on television and radio and on the TFS website.

On days of Total Fire Bans, all outdoors fires are banned except electric stoves and barbecues, and gas stoves and barbecues provided they are cleared of flammable material for at least 1 metre. Other barbecues and portable stoves including those that use wood, charcoal or other solid or liquid fuel are banned. Work practices such as grinding, welding and cutting metal in the open are not permitted.

The use of machinery for harvesting etc, may be subject to restrictions or prohibited on the declaration of a total fire ban. All fire permits are automatically revoked.