Residential Hazard Notification System

Residential Hazard Notification System Information pack provides detailed information about the notification system and includes form links, form QR codes, Clutter Image Rating Scale, FAQ's, Hoarding Risk Reduction factsheet, form tips and useful links.

Hazard Notification Online Form

The system places a discreet electronic alert in the TFS computer aided dispatch system in relation to identified hazard/s at an address. In the event of a fire or other emergency at that address the alert activates and notifies responding firefighters that the property they have been dispatched to has safety risks to firefighters, other emergency responders and neighbouring properties. The aim of this is to increase firefighter preparedness and community safety.

Notification eligibility

The property must exhibit identified hazards of:
  • Hoarding at level 5 or higher (refer to the Clutter Image Rating Scale in the Residential Hazard Notification System information pack)
  • Other- unsafe and hazardous items such as LPG bottles, recharging of mobility scooter or electric wheelchair and/or unsafe storage of flammable chemicals and gas inside the home.

Notifications are accepted from:
  • Department Police, Fire and Emergency Management volunteers and employees
  • Home and community care agency staff and volunteers
  • Aged care and community care assessors
  • Medical and allied health practitioners (including community nurses, general practitioners and psychologists/psychiatrists)
  • Housing Tasmania and social housing agency staff and
  • Local Government Environmental Health Officers.

The collection of the name or any other personal details about the occupant/s is not within the scope of the Residential Hazard Notification System. The system has been designed to deliver an improved safety outcome using no personal information. The system collects what hazard/s is at a residential address and does not identify the person/people living in that home. All information contained in the Residential Hazard Notification System is secure, confidential and is not shared with other agencies. Security of information in accordance with the DPFEM Personal Information Management Guidelines and the DPFEM Information Security Policy.

For more information about the Residential Hazard Notification System contact or phone 1800 000 699