Using Fire Outdoors

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Subject to Environmental Regulations and Local Government By-Laws
electric BBQ
gas BBQ
burning heaps
burning land

If cleared around for 3 metres

If cleared around for 3 metres

If exceeding 1 cubic metre

If cleared around for 1 metre

If cleared around for 1 metre

On Days of Total Fire Ban all barbeques, portable stoves, pizza ovens etc that use wood, charcoal, heat beads or other solid or liquid fuel are banned.

Bushwalkers are therefore advised that the only cooking appliance that can be used on Total Fire Ban Days are LPG (Butane or Propane) cookers or stoves providing that they are clear of any flammable material for a distance of 1 metre.

Subject to Environmental Regulations & Local Government By-Laws & any restrictions in parks & reserves.

Your fire is your responsibility

Every year a small number of fires costs the Tasmanian community dearly. Some of these fires escape from smaller fires that were lit for good reasons. If people are more careful with fire the loss and damage to possessions, property and the environment can be greatly reduced. This guide provides simple advice on what everyone needs to do to have safer fires outdoors. Some restrictions on lighting fires apply all year round, and there are additional precautions that must be taken during Fire Permit Periods and on Days of Total Fire Ban.