Fire Permit Periods

The Tasmania Fire Service may declare a Fire Permit Period for all, or parts of the State when the danger of vegetation fire is considered high. This is to coordinate and monitor controlled burning of vegetation and minimise the risk of fire spreading.

During the Fire Permit Period, fires are not banned but are allowed where there are good oportunities to safely use fire for land management purposes. However conditions are placed on the use of certain fires in the open.

Permit periods are usually in force during the dry summer period from November to March although this will vary from year to year depending on the dryness of the vegetation and the fire danger.

When do I need a fire permit?

You need a fire permit for the burning of vegetation at all times during a declared Fire Permit Period regardless of the weather conditions. You do not need a permit for barbecues, campfires or incinerators provided you comply with the conditions associated with their use. To get a permit you simply have to contact your local Fire Permit Officer (Permits are free).

What’s in a fire permit?

Your permit will contain conditions to increase the safety of the fire. You may only be allowed to burn during specified weather, and with certain equipment available. You will need to notify the Tasmania Fire Service when you intend to light your fire and may also be required to notify your neighbours.

How do I contact my local fire permit officer?

Call the Tasmania Fire Service on: freecall 1800 000 699

What happens if my fire gets out of control?

Contact the Tasmania Fire Service by dialling 000.
This is the quickest way to get local assistance to bring your fire under control.
As long as you have met all the conditions on your permit and have taken all reasonable steps to keep the fire on your property, you will not be liable for any damage caused by the fire.