False Alarm Reduction Project Consultation Paper: Feedback Form

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Instructions: Please provide answers to the questions that have been asked as they relate to the identified categories in which we seek comment. There are no word limits to your responses. Add in yes/ no/ unsure as applicable in your responses

Consultation is open from Friday September 1 to Friday November 3, 2023.

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All submissions and comments will be published. All personal details will remain in confidence and not used beyond the scope of this consultation. Your comments and feedback will only be used to help inform the best way forward for the development of the False Alarm Reduction Strategy. The Tasmania Fire Service will handle your personal information in line with the Personal Information Protection Act 2004 (View - Tasmanian Legislation Online).
For further information relating to how the feedback from this consultation will be used, refer to the relevant section within the False Alarm Reduction Project -Consultation Paper.
It is not a requirement of this survey to declare any of your personal details.

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