False Alarm Reduction Project Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and provided answers below.

The False Alarm Reduction Project is an initial three-year project. It was initiated to identify a policy solution to the issue of false alarms in the built environment. The intended outcome of the project is to develop a false alarm reduction strategy. The strategy will enable cooperation between department units to reduce false alarms.

The project has an initial three years in which to research and develop a reduction strategy. Commencing in late 2021, the project is scheduled to have a strategy developed by June 2024. If approved, implementation of the strategy will begin in October 2024.

The Building Safety Unit within the Community Fire Safety Division of the Tasmania Fire Service is the lead on the project. The project team consists of two staff with support from the greater Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management. The project is governed by a steering committee, with expertise also provided by a reference group for the project.

It allows us to provide the public and stakeholders with information relating to what the project involves and how it may affect you. Consultation provides you with an opportunity to input into the false alarm reduction strategy. Your feedback on the areas and issues will have a lasting impact on how the Tasmania Fire Service operates in the future.

Your input on the issues will enable us to:

  • Understand your concerns about false alarms.
  • Gain your feedback as to how we can improve systems and processes to reduce false alarms.
  • Develop a comprehensive, long-term false alarm reduction strategy.

Any details that are provided by you during this process will remain private and secure. Such information will not be used for any other means outside of the consultative process. The Department of Police, Fire & Emergency Management and the Tasmania Fire Service manages personal information as required by the Personal Information Protection Act 2004 (View – Tasmanian Legislation Online).

Multiple outcomes are possible from the false alarm reduction project. The goal is to work with premises and stakeholders to reduce the instances of false alarms. To achieve this, there will be many instruments that are required to be developed and implemented.