Building for Bushfire

Bushfire-Prone Areas

Application of planning and building requirements for bushfire protection are triggered by proposed use and development within a ‘bushfire-prone area’.

A ‘bushfire-prone area’ is defined as:
  1. land that is within the boundary of a bushfire-prone area shown on an overlay on a planning scheme map; or

  2. where there is no overlay on a planning scheme map, land that is within 100m of an area of bushfire-prone vegetation equal to or greater than 1 hectare.

Mapping has been completed for the Clarence Municipality and forms an overlay within the Clarence Interim Planning Scheme 2015. This can be viewed through the LIST website.

Draft Mapping for the Hobart Municipality has been completed. Hobart City Council has initiated Draft Amendment PSA-18-4 to the Hobart Interim Planning Scheme 2015 to incorporate the mapping as a planning scheme overlay. The amendment is currently being assessed by the Tasmanian Planning Commission.

TFS is currently working with Local Government to complete mapping for the remaining Council areas and to progress the required amendments to local planning schemes.

Where a site is located in a municipality that has not had its mapping completed yet, whether it is located within a bushfire-prone area or not must be determined via (2). For the purposes of applying this criteria, ‘bushfire-prone vegetation’ is defined as contiguous vegetation (i.e. separated by less than 20m) including grasses and shrubs but not including maintained lawns, parks and gardens, nature strips, plant nurseries, golf courses, vineyards, orchards or vegetation on land that is used for horticultural purposes.