International Firefighter Fellowship

Firefighter Exchange Program

The Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) Firefighter Exchange Program is an opportunity for TFS employees employed under the Tasmanian Fire Fighting Industry Employees Industrial Agreement to attain a higher level of professionalism by temporarily exchanging jobs with another firefighter in Australia or another country.

Desired Outcomes

Participants will achieve a higher level of understanding and appreciation for other Fire Departments worldwide
Participants will improve their practical skills, knowledge and experience by being an active member of another Department.
Participants will experience temporary mobility and gain interesting life experiences from living in a location away from their home base with a minimum cost.
The department will achieve improved efficiency and enhanced morale due to the exchange of knowledge and expertise.
The department will build international networks and encourage growth to our profession.

TFS Applicants

Read all the Exchange Program information.
Submit an application.

Overseas or Interstate Enquiries

Read all the exchange information.
Before lodging an expression of interest with the TFS you need to make enquiries with your own agency to ensure that an exchange will be supported.
Without this an exchange will not proceed.
There needs to be someone with the appropriate authority to oversee the process, usually referred to as the ‘Exchange Coordinator’. Your Human Resources Department is a good place to start or if you know someone who has previously been on exchange find out who managed their program.
If your Department supports an exchange and you are interested in exchanging to the TFS lodge an expression of interest with the TFS Exchange Coordinator


1. Information for overseas and interstate firefighters
2. Application information
3. FAQ’s
4. Application for TFS firefighters
5. Information for exchange partner
6. Memorandum of understanding between exchange partners


Stewart Mc Kinlay
Exchange Coordinator
GPO Box 1526
Hobart Tasmania 7001