Community Programs

The Tasmania Fire Service's Community Education Unit delivers a number of programs to the community to enhance community safety. These programs are free-of-charge.

The School Fire Education Program

The Juvenile Firelighter Intervention Program

Fire Safe at Home is an initiative of the Tasmania Fire Service in collaboration with aged, community and disability services/agencies to assist the most vulnerable people in our community who are ‘at risk’ of being a home fire casualty. By identifying fire hazards in and around the home and then eliminating risks as much as possible, we can work together to assist people be safer in their home. The intent is to reduce death and injury and property damage due to home fires and accidents.

Residential Hazard Notification System places a discreet electronic alert in the TFS computer aided dispatch system in relation to identified hazard/s at an address. In the event of a fire or other emergency at that address the alert activates and notifies responding firefighters that the property they have been dispatched to has safety risks to firefighters, other emergency responders and neighbouring properties. The aim of this is to increase firefighter preparedness and community safety.