Community Fire Safety

Our Community Fire Safety Division has careers for people from both a firefighting and non-firefighting background. These people work closely together to use their specialist knowledge for the safety of our community. They work in a range of different areas such as:

Building Safety

Do the business premises you work in now meet the requirements of the General Fire Regulations and the Building Regulations. Business owners wanting advice or audits to assess whether their buildings meet the requirements of fire safety legislation rely on our Building Safety staff for assistance. If you have a background in the building industry and a strong client focus, you may wish to apply for a job in Building Safety.

Community Education

Do you like to educate the community? If so, you may be able to help us to develop and deliver our community education programs, such as the School Fire Education Program for primary school children, the Juvenile Firelighter Intervention Program for children who light fires, Residential Hazard Notification System of an electronic alert in the TFS computer aided dispatch system in relation to identified hazard/s at an address and Fire Safe at Home which helps people with disabilities and the elderly improve fire safety in their homes.

TasFire Equipment

Are you looking for a career in equipment sales and servicing? The TFS sells and services essential fire equipment such as hose reels, fire extinguishers, fire blankets and smoke alarms. Our team of Fire Equipment Officers across the state assists business in making sure that their fire protection equipment is able to do its job in a fire emergency.

If you like dealing with the public and have a strong customer focus, then TasFire Equipment may be the place for you. Most of your training will take place on the job. You will need to like working in small teams and be willing to learn new skills to work in this area.

TasFire Training

What about the people who use fire protection equipment and emergency procedures when a fire breaks out in the workplace? These people need training to make sure they can respond effectively in an emergency. The TFS has a training unit that provides accredited training to businesses to help them keep their employees safe and protect their business in the event of an emergency.

If you have a training background and value seeing the results of high quality training in the workplace, a career in TasFire Training may be what you have been looking for.