Permit No Permit Holder Street Suburb Type Size / Volume Lightup Time Finish Time
d51658 private GIBBS STREET beaconsfield registered burn 2 cubic metres 27-Feb-2021 18:00 28-Feb-2021 18:00
21007359 private FRANKLIN ROAD harford registered burn 1 cubic metres 27-Feb-2021 17:00 28-Feb-2021 10:00
d11067 private MACQUARIE SETTLEMENT ROAD cressy registered burn 27-Feb-2021 17:00 02-Mar-2021 19:00
d59547 private JOCKS ROAD forest registered burn 8 hectares 27-Feb-2021 16:30 28-Feb-2021 12:00
21007327 private MAIN STREET huonville registered burn 1 cubic metres 27-Feb-2021 16:00 28-Feb-2021 12:00
d59324 private CHAPEL ROAD sassafras registered burn 17 hectares 27-Feb-2021 15:30 28-Feb-2021 23:59
d57533 private SCOTCHTOWN ROAD smithton registered burn 30 cubic metres 27-Feb-2021 14:30 28-Feb-2021 18:00
21007280 private PREOLENNA ROAD moorleah registered burn 1 cubic metres 27-Feb-2021 14:00 28-Feb-2021 17:00
d57206 private BASS HIGHWAY sisters creek registered burn 4 cubic metres 27-Feb-2021 13:00 01-Mar-2021 17:00
b38095 private RUBY FLATS ROAD ringarooma registered burn 15 cubic metres 27-Feb-2021 11:15 28-Feb-2021 12:00
d56379 private VALLEYFIELD ROAD campbell town registered burn 24 cubic metres 26-Feb-2021 15:30 05-Mar-2021 23:59
d59792 private BARCOO ROAD montagu registered burn 10 hectares 26-Feb-2021 12:00 28-Feb-2021 23:59
21007099 private WYRE FOREST ROAD molesworth registered burn 26-Feb-2021 10:01 01-Mar-2021 23:59
d59231 private TABBYS ROAD christmas hills registered burn 5 cubic metres 26-Feb-2021 09:00 28-Feb-2021 23:59
d56319 private PORTERS BRIDGE ROAD reedy marsh registered burn 50 cubic metres 25-Feb-2021 10:30 04-Mar-2021 12:00
d59791 private STUARTS ROAD montagu registered burn 10 cubic metres 24-Feb-2021 21:20 10-Mar-2021 23:59
c15177 private STUBBS ROAD forth registered burn 5 cubic metres 23-Feb-2021 17:37 01-Mar-2021 23:30
d57401 private BASS HIGHWAY sassafras registered burn 25 cubic metres 23-Feb-2021 14:00 28-Feb-2021 23:59
d59325 private CHADWICKS ROAD sassafras registered burn 10 hectares 23-Feb-2021 14:00 28-Feb-2021 23:59
b38094 private BARNETT ROAD talawa registered burn 14 hectares 23-Feb-2021 12:50 04-Mar-2021 18:00
c11574 private HOBART ROAD youngtown registered burn 10 cubic metres 23-Feb-2021 09:50 01-Mar-2021 10:00
b10366 private CHEQUERS ROAD marrawah registered burn 30 cubic metres 23-Feb-2021 08:00 02-Mar-2021 21:00
d56478 private BARBERS ROAD meander registered burn 15 cubic metres 23-Feb-2021 08:00 28-Feb-2021 22:00
d57155 private SEABROOK ROAD somerset registered burn 175 cubic metres 22-Feb-2021 10:39 28-Feb-2021 23:30
d56251 private TEMPLES ROAD roger river registered burn 22-Feb-2021 10:15 01-Mar-2021 21:00
d56408 private MATHINNA PLAINS ROAD mathinna registered burn 140 hectares 22-Feb-2021 07:45 22-Mar-2021 23:59
d59549 private MCCULLOCKS ROAD south forest registered burn 5 hectares 21-Feb-2021 14:00 28-Feb-2021 23:59
d13041 private DELMONT ROAD cressy registered burn 67 hectares 21-Feb-2021 12:00 28-Feb-2021 19:00
d56484 private DAVIS ROAD deloraine registered burn 20 cubic metres 20-Feb-2021 12:54 13-Mar-2021 23:59
b59417 private MAWBANNA ROAD black river registered burn 12 cubic metres 19-Feb-2021 09:00 09-Mar-2021 23:59
d59323 private CHAPEL ROAD harford registered burn 11 hectares 18-Feb-2021 14:00 28-Feb-2021 23:59
d52833 private SAUNDRIDGE ROAD cressy registered burn 6 hectares 16-Feb-2021 12:00 20-Apr-2021 23:59
d56482 private WADLEYS ROAD reedy marsh registered burn 20 cubic metres 11-Feb-2021 15:36 31-Mar-2021 23:00
d51730 private FRANKFORD ROAD exeter registered burn 100 cubic metres 09-Feb-2021 12:00 28-Feb-2021 12:00
d52454 private WOODSDALE ROAD runnymede registered burn 200 hectares 07-Feb-2021 13:54 28-Feb-2021 20:00
d56307 private BRIDGENORTH ROAD westwood registered burn 2 cubic metres 01-Feb-2021 12:00 15-Apr-2021 11:47

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