How Does Recruitment Work?

Current vacancies (if any) are listed below and have been advertised on the Tasmanian Government jobs website at Full details, including the Statement of Duties and an Application Form are available on that site. TFS jobs are listed under the Department of Police & Emergency Management. 


Advertisements calling for applications are placed in the major Tasmanian newspapers (The Mercury, The Examiner and The Advocate) and in the Tasmanian Government Gazette and on the State Service website when vacancies occur. Applications are only accepted when submitted in response to an advertised position. The decision to advertise vacancies is dependant on staffing levels, taking into account predicted resignations / retirements as well as unexpected exits.

Trainee Firefighter Recruitment Information

Click here to view current job vacancies.

Please note the Trainee Firefighter Recruitment Process (information kit) and other recruitment documents are reviewed and updated before positions are advertised, and therefore may include changes. 

Physical Fitness and Abilities Video Clips

TFS Rights
Clothing for Shuttle Run
Shuttle Run
Clothing for Physical
Balance Beam
Confined Spaces
Agility Assessment
Tower Climb
Casualty Drag
Hose Drag