Media Releases

1. GARAGE FIRE - Encee Drive, Saint Leonards Release Date: 2015-06-28
2. Quick action saves North East homes Release Date: 2015-06-23
3. HOUSE FIRE Cheviot Road Springfield Release Date: 2015-06-08
4. Animal Rescue Release Date: 2015-06-03

Tasmania Fire Service

GARAGE FIRE - Encee Drive, Saint Leonards

Date: 28 Jun 2015 - 00:00Contact: Rick Mahnken Phone: (03) 6230 8424

A large bang alerted neighbours to a garage fire in Saint Leonards on Saturday night just before 11 pm.

The owner of the garage was not home at the time and the blaze was reported to the Tasmania Fire Service by neighbours who then followed up by trying to douse the flames with garden hoses.

Two fire trucks from Launceston Fire Brigade attended the fire taking approximately thirty minutes to bring the fire under control due to the high fuel loadings and flammable metals in the outbuilding.

Station Officer Rick Mahnken said, I was impressed by the community spirited action of the neighbours, who alerted the Tasmania Fire Service and then attempted to save their neighbours property; but cautioned, it is vital to remember that smoke is toxic and may be harmful to health. Firefighters are protected from the smoke with the aid of breathing apparatus but the public do not have the same level of protection, Mr Mahnken said.

Investigation into what started the fire is still ongoing.

Tasmania Fire Service

Quick action saves North East homes

Date: 23 Jun 2015 - 00:00Contact: Andrew Emery Phone: (03) 6230 8424

Quick action by locals has saved two homes in unrelated North-East house fires yesterday.

The first, at Legerwood was reported to the Tasmania Fire Service just before midday. A small group of passer-bys saw smoke coming from the walls and roof of the Carisbrook Lane home and quickly alerted emergency crews. The group, including a volunteer firefighter then forced entry to check for occupants and started dousing the flames with a garden hose until fire crews arrived.

The occupants of the home were not at home at the time of the fire, and damage is estimated at $50,000.

In a busy day for fire crews and investigators, another fire was reported in neighbouring Winneleah during the afternoon when a resident was alerted by a smoke alarm to a fire in the lounge room and ceiling of their Banca Road home.

The resident quickly flagged down some passing motorists who joined forces and quelled the flames with buckets or water before fire crews arrived shortly after. The fire caused an estimated $20,000 damage.

North-East District Field Officer Andrew Emery said if it hadnt been for the quick action of these people that the result would have been much worse in both instances.

There is no-doubt that the immediate actions of these persons and the professional response from the local volunteer fire crews are the reason that both of these houses are still standing today.

Both of the fires have been deemed as accidental.

Station Officer Emery urged the public to be vigilant with fire safety in their homes. Now we are being confronted with cooler weather conditions the community needs to ensure that all of our heating appliances and wood fires are in good working order, a safe distance of 2 metres is maintained from a heat source when drying clothes and that your property is fitted with working smoke alarms.

Tasmania Fire Service

HOUSE FIRE Cheviot Road Springfield

Date: 8 Jun 2015 - 00:00Contact: Paul Terry Phone: (03) 6230 8424

At approximately 9:20 am this morning the Tasmania Fire Service was alerted via triple zero to a report of a Structure on fire at Cheviot Road - Springfield.

Three crews from Hobart and Glenorchy Stations responded to the incident.

Crews were faced with a unit fire that was 80% involved. Crews faced additional challenges with the extreme winds and downed power lines.

The property was occupied at the time of the fire with all occupants evacuating safely to a rear Unit.

Fire damage was contained to the main unit with some minor damage to a vehicle parked nearby.

Due to the high winds and a collapsing roof, the fire was fought from outside by the responding crews.

An investigation determined that the fire was accidental and was caused by inattention whilst cooking. A kitchen window opened by the occupants to remove cooking fumes aided in the growth of the fire due to the high winds. The damage is estimated to be approximately $250,000.

This is a timely reminder to the community that when cooking you should TURN IT OFF BEFORE YOU TURN AWAY. This will ensure that a fire does not develop whilst you are not in the room!

Tasmania Police and TasNetworks staff also attended to assist with the fire investigation and the downed power line hazard.

Tasmania Fire Service

Animal Rescue

At 1:30pm on Wednesday 3rd June the Burnie and Penguin Fire Brigades were called to Hardys Road Penguin to aid in the rescue of a horse that had become stuck in a dam.

The brigades, a local veterinarian and property owners worked together for approximately an hour using a vehicle recovery winch, slings and a number of redirection pulleys to eventually pull the horse from the muddy quagmire.

The tranquilized but distressed horse was attended to onsite by the veterinarian and after a few minutes was able to stand and be led away from the dam to a safe location.

Date: 3 Jun 2015 - 00:00Contact: Wayne Viney Phone: (03) 6230 8424