Media Releases

1. Dog rescued from mine shaft at Beaconsfield Release Date: 2021-05-09
2. Structure Fire - Breona Release Date: 2021-04-30
3. Permit Declaration for the Southern Municipalities Release Date: 2021-03-30
4. New resource for students aims to build community resilience Release Date: 2019-11-08

Tasmania Fire Service

TFS and SES crews rescuing "Bear" the German Shepherd

Dog rescued from mine shaft at Beaconsfield

Date: 9 May 2021 - 00:00 Contact: DPFEM Media and Communications Phone: 131444 Email:

Crews from Tasmania Fire Service and State Emergency Service have this morning rescued a dog who had a mine shaft in Beaconsfield in northern Tasmania overnight.

The owner realised her beloved pup Bear was missing from their property in the early hours of this morning and located the German Shepherd down a mine shaft near High St, South Beaconsfield, a short time later.

Emergency services were notified, with local TFS and Tasmania SES units attending the scene at daylight to rescue the trapped dog.

Brigade Chief Todd Russell said that Bear was reunited with his owners a short time later using technical expertise from the SES including safety harnesses and ropes.

Media please note: More photos are available on the Tasmania Fire Service and State Emergency Service Facebook pages.

Tasmania Fire Service

Structure Fire - Breona

Date: 30 Apr 2021 - 00:00 Contact: DPFEM Media & Comms Phone: 1800 000 699 Email:

A man was lucky to escape a house fire in Tasmania's Highland Lakes area which occurred shortly after 9:00pm last night.

Tasmania Fire Service crews were alerted to the blaze at Breona by the owner and neighbours. Multiple firefighting units were responded from several Volunteer Brigades within the area, with Firefighters confronted by a house fully engulfed in flames on their arrival.

Investigations into the cause of the fire began at first light this morning with burning material from a wood heater being identified as the cause. Acting Regional Fire Investigator Tim McKay said "the house was only recently purchased by the occupant and unfortunately it seems that, in the few short days that he'd owned the house, he'd had some maintenance issues with his wood heater which has ultimately resulted in a situation whereby embers have managed to escape from the heater causing a house fire."

Mr McKay added that "it is always an awful feeling seeing people go through something like this, and as such we'd like to remind people that with the cooler months now upon us, now is the time to have wood heaters and other heating appliances checked and serviced to ensure that they are safe for use; little things like having your chimney or flue cleaned really can save a life."

Mr McKay went on to say that "the Tasmania Fire Service has a fantastic website full of helpful home fire safety tips for people who might be wondering how they can make their homes safer, and we'd urge people to jump online and go to to arm themselves with some information to help protect their loved ones."

Damage has been estimated at approximately $270,000.00 with the building requiring complete demolition.

Tasmania Fire Service

No permit requirements have been declared

A fire permit can be obtained by free calling 1800 000 699

Landowners in other municipalities are encouraged to register their burns by freecalling 1800 000 699 to avoid unnecessary brigade responses.

Tasmania Fire Service

New resource for students aims to build community resilience

Date: 8 Nov 2019 - 00:00 Contact: DPFEM Media and Comms Phone: 1800 000 699 Email:

A resource aimed at teaching students how to prepare, respond and recover from the most common natural emergencies is now available in Tasmania.

Developed by the Tasmania Fire Service, Disaster Resilience Education Tasmania is an online teaching resource linked to the Australian Curriculum for students in years 5-8.

"Resilient communities assist emergency services during the response to an emergency because they have planned, they are prepared, and they know what they are going to do to help themselves," said Jeremy Smith, TFS Director Community Fire Safety.

"School children are a vulnerable section of our community and influencing their attitudes early will make them agents of change. DRET helps students understand how mitigation, planning and emergency drills can help them to be safer in a disaster emergency, and they also learn where to find Tasmanian flood, storm and bushfire emergency information

"People don't have to be a member of the emergency services to teach children and young people about disaster resilience, and this online resource equips teachers to do just that.

"The program is hosted on a website and is an easy to use, interactive teacher delivery package of five weekly lessons covering Tasmania's top three natural hazards of flood, storm and bushfire.

The Glen Huon community was most recently impacted by the summer bushfires that impacted the region, with many local families evacuating to the evacuation centre at Huon Valley PCYC.

"Glen Huon Primary School has been instrumental in the development of the resource, and now the project is finalised they have been using the resource in their classrooms for the past eight weeks. The recent bushfires came within one kilometre of the township, with some homes lost in the area. This means that many of the students have real life examples to draw on when working through the content of the resource.

"The students have already participated in a local project to plan a mural which demonstrate the region's bushfire risk," said Mr Smith.

The project has been funded through the Tasmanian Bushfire Mitigation Grants Program and has been a collaboration between the Tasmania Fire Service, other emergency services agencies, the Department of Education, parents and carers.

The resource is available at