Available Career Paths


The TFS believes employees who are successful at gaining a job as a Trainee Firefighter are embarking on a career that should be personally rewarding. We invest a significant amount of time and effort providing opportunities to enable employees to further their careers.

A career in the fire fighting industry is a career of learning. Movement between all positions in the career path requires the gaining and maintenance of competencies issued under a nationally recognised training package.

As part of your career, you will need to invest time in undertaking study and assessments to complete the competencies. Whilst a significant amount of training to gain and maintain competencies occurs when on shift, you will still need to make time available when not at work to undertake personal study and revision.

The Tasmania Fire Service actively encourages Firefighters to move into career paths outside the brigade environment as part of their development. This exposure helps to create a greater understanding of the TFS, its role and the services we deliver to the community, which helps officers to develop in the areas of leadership and strategic management.