Bushfire-Ready Schools

Bushfire-Ready Schools

The Tasmania Fire Service is working closely with the Department of Education and others to ensure that government and non-government schools in bushfire-prone areas are bushfire-ready; that is, that children, staff and visitors at schools will be safe if bushfires threaten.

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Bushfire Site Assessment

The initiative adopts a systematic approach, whereby each school is individually assessed for its capacity to resist bushfire attack and provide protection for people sheltering on-site.

The site assessment process involves a thorough evaluation of bushfire risk at the site; including measurement of bushfire fuels and topography, and inspection of building materials and construction design.

Bushfire-Ready Category

Using contemporary bushfire science, a site’s unique bushfire risk characteristics are evaluated against a defined set of assessment criteria, developed for the Bushfire-Ready Schools initiative.

Each school is categorised based on susceptibility to bushfire attack, and capacity to provide shelter from the life threatening effects of radiant heat.

There are four (4) distinct categories:

  • Category Low
    Inherently bushfire safe due to separation distance from nearest bushfire hazard.
  • Category 1
    Buildings will be safe to shelter in during the passage of the main fire front.
  • Category 2
    Buildings may not be safe to shelter in during the passage of the main fire front.
  • Category 3
    Inherently bushfire unsafe due to separation distance from nearest bushfire hazard, or other safety factors determined by Tasmania Fire Service. Buildings may not be safe to shelter in during the passage of the main fire front.

Bushfire-Ready Schools Categories

More information on Bushfire-Ready Schools categories is available here.

Bushfire Assessment Report

A bushfire assessment report is developed for each school, providing details of the bushfire risk to the site and comprehensive recommendations regarding bushfire fuel management, emergency management planning, and building retrofits for bushfire protection.

The bushfire assessment report forms the framework for ongoing bushfire risk mitigation activities, and informs emergency preparedness and response at the school site.

Bushfire Emergency Management Plans

Schools are encouraged and supported with developing their own unique emergency management plans for bushfire.
These plans identify triggers and actions in response to bushfire threat.

Bushfire Emergency Management Plans for Department of Education sites can be accessed here.

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More Information

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