Fire crews are continue to contain and bring the fire under control.

There may be visible smoke and fire activity within the burnt area for some time.

If there is any fire activity causing you concern please report it to the TFS by calling triple zero (000).

Community Information:

Some roads in this area remain closed, have limited access or revised speed limits due to public and firefighters' safety.

Crews, firefighting vehicles, heavy machinery and helicopters are still working in the area.

The community is reminded to take care around these operations, to obey all traffic signs and instructions from firefighters.

People with medical conditions are advised to have a personal plan for avoiding smoke from the fire. Advice is available from the Department of Health or the Asthma Foundation of Tasmania

People recreating in or visiting the area are advised to:

Be aware of increasing fire activity or smoke

Do not enter burnt areas on foot.

Drive carefully and be aware that emergency vehicles are working in the area.

Do not stop in the middle of roads.

Do not enter any roads and tracks that are closed. They may have dangerous powerlines, trees or other dangers.

Do not park your car, camp or walk around under burnt trees as they may fall without warning.

Heavy rainfall in the fire affected areas can lead to minor flooding or landslips due to run-off. Care is to be taken when driving or walking in these areas.

For information on current road closures, please visit the Tasmania Police website:

For information on current track and visitor facility closures in parks and reserves, please visit the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service website and select Track/Reserve Closures & Visitor Advice

Any member of the public requiring assistance with injured wildlife should contact DPIPWE on 6165 4305 for advice or visit

Type: vegetation fire
Last Updated: 2019-02-19
First Reported: 2019-01-15
Location: Great Pine Tier, Central Plateau
Status: Going
Agency: Tasmania Fire Service
Size: Approximately 55, 247 hectares
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